Since 2009 we have been baking, brewing, toasting, and grilling fresh whole ingredients into delicious breakfast, coffee, lunch, and brunch for the neighborhood. It makes me so happy when customers come in and stop in their tracks to say how good it smells. We pride ourselves on being a neighborhood café with a welcoming atmosphere and a small friendly staff of passionate baristas.

The dining room was designed with conviviality and comfort in mind while still using sustainable repurposed elements and furnishings in a 125 year old building. The result is a nod to the history of Denver while being a genuine café serving vibrant food to a quickly growing community. The surroundings allow you to enjoy your meal while taking a break from the bustle of the neighborhood outside.

We are happy to support the community around us as well. Hutch & Spoon has supported, fed and or educated Rocky mountain Micro finance, Curtis Park Neighbors, Starz Denver Film Festival and KUVO jazz among others.